3 Last Minute Things To Get Done Before Your Move

As you pack and plan for your move, it can be easy for time to get away from you. Before you know it, the moving truck will be parked out front and the boxes will be on their way to the new home. What are those last minute things that you'll need to get done? Here, you'll find a short to-do list to help you through those last days before the move.

Are your things insured?

You've hired a moving company to help you with the move, but did you inquire about how much, if any, insurance there is on the contents of the truck? Some companies offer insurance for no additional fee or for a small insurance fee, but in some instances you'll need to add some extra insurance to ensure that everything is covered if there should be an accident.

Ask the moving service how much insurance coverage is on the contents of the truck. Guestimate how much you think it would cost to replace everything that you're moving – does the math add up?

If you have homeowner's insurance, contact your agent to find out if your things will be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Many times, that insurance policy will cover your things while they're being transported, as well as when they're being moved into or out of the home. Between the two insurance policies, you should have more than enough coverage to protect you from complete loss.

Have you changed your address?

Changing your address with all of the companies that you deal with can be quite the headache. One way to make it easier for you is to send letters to each company including the new address and phone number. This way, you won't have to spend days on the phone updating your contact information. Instead, you'll be able to print out several copies of the same contact update form and send them all out at once.

Did you obtain your medical records?

If you're going to be moving far away, you will need to get copies of your medical records to take with you to your new doctor. When you request copies, you may be required to go to the office to sign a release and to pay a fee for copies. Give the doctor's office a few days' notice so they aren't rushed to gather what you need.

You can get through this with ease. Just take your time and plan every step and before you know it, you'll be settling into your new place.